7 Facts About Coca Cola: Spoiler – It Used To Contain Cocaine!

Some of these will shock you…

Coca Cola

With 1.8 billion bottles of Coca Cola are sold every single day, it’s grown to be the world’s favourite carbonated drink. But how much do you know about arguable the most famous drinks brand on earth?


1. Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine!

When Coca-Cola first appeared on the market in the 1880s, it was marketed as “nerve tonic,” and produced to help ease the woes of modern civilization. More and more people were displaying signs of what was known as “neurasthenia,” or neurotic and psychosomatic symptoms. Coca-Cola was designed to be the drink to combat this.


2. If Coca Cola was a country, it would be the 84th largest economy in the world!

That puts it just ahead of Costa Rica!


3. Ever wondered where the “Cola” part of the name came from?

The answer is: The kola nut! Found in Africa, where it had been an integral part of life for centuries, the kola nut was believed to have many medicinal benefits (it’s also a source of caffeine!).



4. The Coke bottle was designed to be uniquely identifiable by touch alone.

One of Coca-Cola’s earliest CEOs, Robert Woodruff, wanted to brand and standardize Coke served from soda fountains, so he came up with the iconic bell-shaped glass. The glasses were originally made with a mark to show exactly how much syrup to pour in for each serving.



5. The Coca-Cola company spans 500 brands and nearly 4,000 beverages.

If you’d like to spend the next nine years continually drinking different Coca-Cola beverages, you can! With over 500 brands and more than 3,500 beverages, you would need nine whole years to get through all the different Coke products available (assuming you drank one per day!).


6. Coke’s secret formula is as protected as a state secret.

The Coca-Cola Company has rather dramatically hidden its secret formula in a vault since the 1920s. It also has some seriously rigorous rules for viewing the recipe: Only two employees can know the recipe at a time, and the company board must approve any employee just to look at the document.


7. There are only 2 countries in the world that don’t sell Coca Cola.

North Korea, Cuba, we feel sorry for you!


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