8 Films To Help You Get Through Your Breakup

Whatever your style, we’ve picked something for everyone!

From tear jerkers to pick me up comedies, here’s our run down of the perfect film to help you through your breakup, whatever your poison may be!


1. “The First Wives Club,” to remind you that the best revenge is really good revenge.


2. “Kill Bill,” because sometimes you just want heads to roll.


3. “(500) Days of Summer,” to remind you that there is no “the one.”


4. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” to remind you that things could be worse.


5. “Superbad,” to remind you of simpler times.


6. “Legally Blonde,” to remind you to not get mad, get even.


7. “I Love You Man,” because all you really need is your friends.

8. “Bridget Jone’s Diary,” because you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your princess/prince.


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