Love Island Villa Location revealed! WOW!

The villa is 100% my type on paper!

It is fair to say that everyone fell in love with Love Island this Summer. After the reunion last night we had to say goodbye to all the islanders. With many of us going through withdrawal with out them, here are the ins and outs of the 2017 Love Island villa. But the real question is: would you put all our eggs in one basket at a chance of owning the most talked about villa on the telly?


How much does the villa cost?

ITV's Love Island Villa
ITV’s Love Island Villa


Even though the villa boasts the biggest private pool in the Balearics, unfortunately, you can’t stay there. The Villa is owned by a French businessman, who had it built to replicate his other property in France. Therefore the exact price of the original 2017 villa is unknown.

However, Casa Amor, which has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a 14-metre pool and its own private vineyard, was listed for sale in April of this year for a casual £2.5-million.



Where is the Villa?

ITV's Love Island Villa
ITV’s Love Island Villa


The exact location of the privately-owned property has been kept under tight wraps. However, according to an insider on the island, the 200-strong crew are working from a fleet of lorries stationed on the site of a factory. All situated on the outskirts of the town of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, near Cala Millor. The factory is close to a hilly area that is known locally as Sa Real. This is made up of a cluster of villas and farms with big pools.

If you want to visit Ses Salines, it’s just 30 minutes from the resort of Cala d’Or.

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