Thank You Netflix, The Newest Stranger Things Trailer Is Here!

On the scale from one to ten, you’re an eleven.

Stranger Things is coming back to Netflix!

Our favorite Netflix series is back! The sleuthing brothers and sisters of the worldwide hit ‘Stranger Things’ will be with us once again in October. The first season of ‘Stranger Things’ sent social media into a frenzy. With the love for these child actors going viral. Many big names across the globe took to Twitter and Instagram to express how obsessed they are with the show.

Hilary Duff


Twitter, Hilary Duff, Netflix, Stranger Things
Hilary Duff Tweeting on ‘Stranger Things’

Zac Efron

Stranger Things is back on Netflix!
Zac Efron on Instagram about ‘Stranger Things’

Jason Isaacs

Stranger Things is back on Netflix
Jason Isaacs Tweeting on ‘Stranger Things’



We can only expect great things by the looks of things, take a gander for your self, in the new trailer below:


The newest trailer is beyond edge-of-your- seat epic! 80’s horror memorabilia are dotted throughout, and Michale Jackon’s Thriller is just the cherry on top. The Duffer Brothers appear to have done it again, with the trailer looking every bit as awesome as the first season. Now just counting down the clock until the Netflix official release date,  27th October 2017, and it can’t come soon enough!

Stranger Things is coming back to Netflix
Stranger Things is coming back to Netflix!

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