UPDATE: Will The iPhone 8 Charge WIRELESSLY?

All the leaks you need to know!

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Set to launch later on this year, the iPhone 8 rumors are piling up! From facial recognition to doubling up as a mirror, here is everything you need to know about the much-anticipated release.


Apple's iPhone 8 Rumours
Apple iPhone 8 Rumours


So what can we expect from the next iPhone successor?

There’s now a fairly exhaustive list of potential features, including:

The iPhone Pro

One big rumor suggests that Apple won’t even call the new gadget the iPhone 8 but it will be instead called the iPhone Pro. This is reported to mark the 10th anniversary of the smartphone range.

Edge to Edge Screen

The iPhone 8 is also believed to have a stunning edge-to-edge OLED display taking up the length and breadth of the device. Complete with True Tone, and Touch ID embedded beneath the glass display. The patent awarded to Apple describes a device with a display that “may occupy the entire front face”.


Apple iPhone 8 Rumours
Apple iPhone 8 Rumours

Improved Waterproofing + Speakers

According to leaked reports from Apple’s Cupertino HQ, other functionalities include; a dual front-facing camera set-up, as well as better speakers and enhanced waterproofing. According to leaked reports from Apple’s Cupertino HQ. It is even thought that the screen could be curved, just like the latest high-tech TVs.


Wireless Charging?

Meanwhile, Taiwanese tech manufacturer Foxconn is making wireless charging modules for the iPhone 8, according to reports. This means the iPhone 8 will reportedly be able to be charged from 15 feet away. It will use a built-in wireless receiver to receive power from a transmitter plugged into a socket.

This will follow the trend of Apple reducing the number of ports on their products, from vanishing disk drives and headphone jacks Apple is certainly moving rapidly towards a cable free environment.


When Will the iPhone 8 be released?

Apple had been expected to release the iPhone 8 in September 2017, in keeping with its annual autumn launch of major new products.

In 2016 the iPhone 7 was launched on 16 September, so a similar mid-September date seemed most likely.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumours
Apple iPhone 8 Rumours

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