You’ll Never Believe These Locations Are Home To A McDonalds!

Some of these look McMarvelous!

McDonald's Building in Taupo, New Zealand

McDonald’s famous golden arches are all over the planet, with 36,600 outlets of the fast food chain worldwide. Here’s a look at some of the most noteworthy McDonald’s restaurants which are worthy of adding to your fast food bucket list!


1. Kristiansand, Norway

McDonald's building in Kristiansand, Norway.
McDonald’s building in Kristiansand, Norway.

This McDonald’s in Norway operates out of the beautiful building shown above. Formerly a bank, the original doors are still intact but can’t be used by visitors. Instead, customers have to use doors at the side of the building. Nevertheless, this doesn’t detract from the exteriors splendor. 


2. Taupo, New Zealand

McDonald's Building in Taupo, New Zealand
McDonald’s Building in Taupo, New Zealand

I’m Lovin’ it Taupo! New Zealand has the honor of being home to the only McDonald’s location that includes a decommissioned DC3 plane as part of the store. This restaurant just may be the coolest McDonald’s location yet, where diners can pull up a seat on the plane!


3. Batumi, Georgia

McDonald's Building in Batumi, Georgia
McDonald’s Building in Batumi, Georgia

The McDonald’s restaurant in Georgia’s Black Sea port city of Batumi is totally spectacular. This futuristic building was designed by Harvard-educated architect Giorgi Khmaladze. You’d be hard-pressed to identify this epic spaceship of a building as a restaurant!


4. Madrid, Spain

The McDonald’s Building In Madrid, Spain
The McDonald’s Building In Madrid, Spain

The McDonald’s on Spanish Broadway is not typical of the fast food chain. It serves beer and real potato wedges instead of fries. The McCafe even sells scones and macaroons as if it were a high-end bakery. Inside the restaurant is classier than most with marble walls and chandeliers. The historical nature of the building’s exterior is seen in much of the Gran Via.


5. Yangshuo, China

McDonald's Building in Yangshuo, China
McDonald’s Building in Yangshuo, China

Arguably the most beautiful Mcdonald’s restaurant location of them all. Set in a town that is amid pinnacles like Bilian Feng, with tour boats offer cruises on the Li River. You’ll sail past picturesque countryside from the town of Guilin to the North, perhaps with a burger on board as well!


6.  Rome, Italy

McDonald's Building In Rome, Italy
McDonald’s Building In Rome, Italy

Suggested to be the World’s fanciest McDonald’s, this restaurant seems to resemble more of a museum than a fast food chain. Complete with marble and slate flooring with gold trim. Not to mention its incredible location, just meters from the famous Spanish Steps.


7. Rotterdam, Netherlands

McDonald's Building in Rotterdam, Netherlands
McDonald’s Building in Rotterdam, Netherlands

This McDonald’s restaurant features a perforated golden facade and a grand spiral staircase. This ultra modern site was designed by Dutch firm Mei Architects. What now looks more like an Apple store than McDonald’s was to replace “the ugliest building in Rotterdam”.


8. Ulsan, South Korea

Drive Thru McDonald's Building in Ulsan, South Korea
Drive Thru McDonald’s Building in Ulsan, South Korea

Don’t be fooled by its fairly small size. This drive-thru/gas station is a knock out with a huge wing-like structure covering the entire restaurant. You simply can not miss it with its bright neon lights and electric style.


9. Barstow, California

McDonald's Building In Barstow, California
McDonald’s Building In Barstow, California

All aboard! Keeping in with the area’s locomotive heritage, this fast food joint is on a train at Barstow Station on Route 66. Customers can enjoy the restaurant’s position and quirky design, which is built and incorporated within the train’s carriages.  It is very clear to see why this destination is so popular among passing tourists.


10. New Hyde, New York

McDonald's building in New Hyde, New York
McDonald’s building in New Hyde, New York

Denton House is a 19th-century Georgian mansion on Long Island. It was turned into a McDonald’s in 1985, originally the plan was to knock it down and build afresh. However, after a backlash from locals, McDonald’s renovated the building instead. It’s now one of the classiest-looking McDonald’s sites in the country.


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